Helping your business start, grow, and thrive.

Mission Statement

The mission of the LBDC is to provide Loveland citizens and existing businesses with free one on one consulting services, sophisticated training seminars and street smart advisors in order to create a stronger more vibrant economy.

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Start A Business

Start A Business

Starting a business can be overwhelming; we help that process be less daunting.

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

We offer comprehensive services and programs to help you be more successful.

Avid Product Design

It takes a little help from our friends

–For this Loveland business, partnership liberated growth and made work fun again Consulting businesses are often lonely endeavors, constrained by the experience, capacity, and moxie of the owner. When opportunity knocks –­ in the guise of new technologies, more customers, or economic expansion – many consultants choke, not willing to do what’s necessary to grow. […]

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Jack Dorr

Online Tutorials to Develop or Expand Your Business

Loveland Public Library recently announced that it offered free membership to, but what does that mean? Starting a business (or keeping one going) comes with a certain number of issues. So instead of spending countless hours finding the right business solution, you can now access over 276,000 online courses and professional video tutorials through […]

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LoCo Think Tank

LoCo Think Tank Group to Begin at the LBDC

Curt Bear, founder of LoCo Think Tank (Local Community Think Tank) has four Think Tank groups meeting in Fort Collins. Curt will be starting a new Loveland group in February 2018. This new group will be meeting at the Loveland Business Development Center located in the Loveland Chamber of Commerce building. If you haven’t heard […]

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