Have You Heard These Business Podcasts?

Podcasts are increasing in popularity, and there are shows available on almost every topic. Some podcasts are intended to entertain while others provide in-depth social and political commentary, and others still are used to market and sell products and services. Podcasts are also excellent resources for learning, and for staying up to date with the latest trends. Because you can download them and listen at your own convenience, podcasts are a portable and flexible way to consume information. I listen in the car and on walks with my dog, as well as at home.

In the business category there are several excellent podcasts to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:

I Love Marketing Podcast – Hosted by Joe Polish and Dean Jackson, the I Love Marketing Podcast is an exceptional resource for businesses of every size and scope on the topic of marketing. Check out the archive of episodes and you’ll find an MBA quality source of information that is useful and practical.

Building a StoryBrand Podcast – Author and Entrepreneur Donald Miller hosts this weekly podcast featuring guests on topics like branding, marketing, messaging, content creation, website design and more. The StoryBrand Framework is also prominent as Miller guides business leaders in the process of telling their stories more succinctly and effectively.

Social Media Examiner – The social media landscape is constantly changing. Social Media Examiner offers two podcasts that help their listeners adjust to the rapid changes in their social media marketplaces. Check out the Social Media Marketing Podcast, and the Social Media Marketing Talk Show.

GKIC Small Business Marketing Hour – Fans of Dan Kennedy and GKIC will enjoy this interview show with guests who share their marketing and sales successes and lessons. The in-depth discussions are full of helpful tips and insights for small businesses at every stage of development, and large businesses, too.

Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas – This daily podcast features the stories of entrepreneurs who are navigating the world of business both in the brick and mortar world and the virtual online arena. Dumas uses a consistent script of a handful of questions to lead his guests in sharing their challenges and triumphs.

Amy Porterfield: Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield is a veteran online entrepreneur who shares her mastery of subjects like podcasting, webinars, marketing funnels, online course creation, E-commerce and content marketing strategy.

I’ll be sharing a more extensive list of podcasts at the Podcasting Made Easy Lunch ‘n Learn at the Loveland Business Development Center on Friday, June 15, 2018 at 12PM. In this free presentation I’ll be giving you the information and tools you need to get started in producing and distributing your own podcast to the people you want to reach in your business. You’ll learn the necessary equipment, and I’ll provide templates that will help you navigate the processes of creating and delivering your show.

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Franklin Taggart is a business consultant at the LBDC. Franklin’s specialty area is helping independent creative professionals build successful businesses.

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