Amy Hamrick

Business Consultant, Restaurant, Food Service

Amy grew up in New Jersey but was drawn to the mountains of Colorado after an experience with Outward Bound. With degrees in Women’s Studies and Outdoor Education/Recreation Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she moved to Estes Park to lead multi-week backpacking and climbing courses.

Starting, building, and branding Kind Coffee, a retail and wholesale coffee shop and roastery (focused on the community and the environment) was not specifically in her plans, but she found herself with an opportunity, dipped her toe in, and never looked back.

During this time, she also sat on multiple boards (Estes Valley Library BOD, Estes Park Health BOD, Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center BOD) as well as committees (Transportation Advisory Board, Community Foundation for Northern Colorado Grants Committee for Estes Park, Downtown Business Partners) in support of the Estes Park Community.

After having benefited from SBDC consulting as a small business owner herself, she looks forward to working with each client to help guide, assist, and direct them to resources to address their questions, challenges, and opportunities alike.

Consulting Expertise Includes:
  • Restaurant/Food Service- coffee shop specifically, general restaurant
  • Internet/Website Sales- direct to consumer
  • Wholesale Sales- local/regional distribution
  • Brand/Product Building/Development

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