Chrystal Bell

Franchises, Business Start-up

Chrystal has owned two franchises herself and has started other personal businesses in Colorado. She owned a local property management company with one of the largest property management franchises in the US. After doubling the portfolio size, she was able to benefit from the sale of the business. Her second franchise business endeavor was with vending machines. Within the first six months she was able to secure some of the largest vending contracts within Larimer County and grew her business by 700%!

Using what she has learned in her own endeavors, and learning the consulting side for franchises, she can work with individuals interested in franchise concepts and help individuals review FDD and learn about the validation process. Chrystal knows what it is like to invest large sums of capital and put trust in the franchise systems. Experience has also taught her what questions to ask franchisors, and what would have been helpful to know in the beginning.

She also has experience in business administration and veterinary practice management. She has managed many employees and has helped develop exit strategies for herself and other business owners. She has experience in sales tax, payroll, bookkeeping, and overall office management.

Consulting Expertise Includes:
  • Franchise consulting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Start-up
  • Sales tax
  • Property management
  • Vending machine business operations
  • Business growth
  • Pet related businesses

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