Tom Galey

International Business Relationships

Tom Galey has been involved in a wide variety of business ventures and teaching for decades. With an undergraduate degree in Economics from University of Colorado, Tom moved to Taiwan in the mid-1980s. There he studied Mandarin and soon ran the Asia buying office for a large Canadian toy store chain. He spent time working in market consulting for several Chinese firms, later working for a Chinese hydraulics manufacturer.

In the 1990s, after over 6 years in China, Tom Moved to the US territory of Guam and began working with Exxon. Tom ran downstream operations and was marketing director for the retail chain.

Tom was later hired by Anheuser-Busch and was named Marketing Director for Micronesia for Budweiser brands. He developed an international advertising specialty division for AB that was subsequently used globally.

In 2000 Tom moved back to Colorado and started his own business in Promotional Products. In 2005 he moved into product development consulting for Asia-made consumer items. He started a consulting firm that still operates today assisting production globally. is active today as he assists firms expand.

With a master’s degree in Business Administration and International Relations, Tom has helped major US and European firms launch production of new product lines. In all, he’s assisted in the development of between 300 and 400 new products in Asia.

Tom has been teaching at Front Range for over 13 years in Intro to Business, Economics (Micro and Macro) Business Law, Marketing, International Business and International Marketing.

Tom lives Gunbarrel with his wife, and their 21-year-old son, Ty is currently attending CU. Tom’s book was published in 2013; Making the China Connection – Understanding Business Culture to Create Great, Sustainable Relationships. It’s available on Amazon and is published by SinoMedia in San Francisco, California.

Consulting Expertise Includes:
  • International Business Relationships. International trade, specializing in manufacturing regions of Greater Asia including Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and other nations of Asia including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. Specializing in trade of consumer products, assistance in importing and exporting. Customs and Duty advisor for goods moving across international borders.
  • Product development of consumer and electronic items including factory sourcing and evaluations. Product development including plastic injection mold and metal stamping manufacturing. Textile and apparel manufacturing assistance. Factory survey and product inspection and clearance guidance. Employment assistance for outside inspection of product lines.
  • I can have anything produced, anywhere. I can find a factory suitable for any client. I speak fluent Mandarin and some Taiwanese, so I specialize in communications internationally. I’ve made hundreds of products in Asia and have assisted hundreds of clients produce new product lines in Greater China.

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