Jay Dokter Participates in Inaugural Loveland Business Summit

Jay Dokter could be considered a serial entrepreneur. What better person to address a group of high school students interested in business. The Loveland Business Summit, held on Monday, October 17, 2016, was sponsored by the Thompson School District and the Loveland Business Partnership. A full article detailing the event can be found on the Reporter Herald site: http://bit.ly/2eBNiYV.

Jay has been involved in numerous business ventures over the years. Two notable endeavors that he is currently involved with are The Warehouse and YouSEEU. Jay Dokter is the founder of The Warehouse business accelerator in Loveland. The Warehouse is Northern Colorado’s premiere and sole source for second stage assistance of technology and manufacturing companies. The accelerator provides assistance with strategy, markets, supply chains, real estate, the team and funding. (The Loveland Business Development Center is a program that falls under The Warehouse.)

Jay is also the CEO of YouSeeU, an online education platform that was launched in 2009. YouSeeU is a leading platform for education – online, blended and in-classroom.

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