Korey Streich

The resources provided through the Loveland branch of the SBDC, and those offered by the Larimer SBDC in general, are really quite staggering. Not staggering in the same way that trying to start my own business is staggering; every day I come up with questions that I didn’t expect, and don’t know how to answer. My one on one appointment with Franklin Taggart covered topics I was asked to specify on a pre-meeting questionnaire. During the meeting itself I was given plenty of time to cover what I believed were the most important factors/questions for my future endeavor. Franklin directly addressed my biggest uncertainties, and provided clear answers where they were available (around subjects like copyright, the best business form for my company, etc.). If those invaluable (and completely free answers…) weren’t payoff enough, Franklin helped me narrow in on essential next steps, and shocked me by offering not just one follow up opportunity, but as many as I’d like. As I begin to consider the number of expenditures I will have to make in the near future, the value of these services (advisory/informational sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, etc.) are at least a star beyond the 5/5 I can give here. Before I’ve even fully exploited the advice and follow up opportunities I spoke about with Franklin and Mary Ann, I’ve already received an unbelievable return on my only investments: time + gas. Thank you SBDC!

Kat Hart