Where Girls Are In Charge!

It is always the highlight of my work to be given the opportunity to speak in front of promising young women. I do not take the role of mentorship lightly. It is a gift to sit in the chair opposite young eager and brilliant minded souls to not only offer life lessons but to learn as well. This last week I was the kick off speaker for the Biz Girls™ Fort Collins program. Biz Girls™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating the next generation of business and social leaders with every young woman realizing her full potential.

Their programs engage small groups of 10-12 girls, where they teach leadership and entrepreneurship through hands-on, experiential lessons and establish real businesses. The curriculum is taught by a Certified Biz Girls Trainer™ and includes fundamentals of business, public speaking, entrepreneurship and leadership. Check out their upcoming classes and spread the good word: http://bizgirlsceos.org/

I told the class that today they can travel any path be it motherhood, entrepreneurship, corporate positions, or trades positions. None of these are mutually exclusive. These women have won the birth lottery by being born in this time with today’s technology in a flat progressive world. One of their slogans is “Where girls are in charge!” I’m inspired, I hope you are too.

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