Holiday Tip #6 For Retail Business Owners

Alyson MacMullan, of Peak Retail Group, is writing an 8-part series of holiday tips to help retail businesses meet their sales goals. Alyson’s’ expertise lies in inventory planning and management, sales forecasting and cash flow management which are the building blocks of a successful retail business.

Holiday Tip #6

Email Correspondence during the holiday season should be clean and simple

Pick a Holiday template and don’t deviate

* People are barraged with emails during this time period, don’t make them have to work to recognize a message from your store

Create a series of timely messages/offers

* Think 12 days of Christmas (more info on this incredibly important retail tool in a follow up email)

Remind people of important dates

* Add value wherever possible, it’s always about offering a stress-free experience

Concise is more, only one offer per email

* Offer a coupon to redeem in store

Emphasize BENEFITS not features

* ex: a food processor has 4 speeds and comes in the color red vs. a food processor that makes nutrition on the go a snap

Always Include store hours, location and contact info

   * You might be surprised to know how many retailers don’t actually include this simple information in every email or on their website

Videos under 1 minute work extremely well


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