The iCreate Lab at Loveland Library: A Treasure Trove of Resources for Businesses and Artists

Article co-author Christina Kennedy with Loveland Library Technology & Innovation

Have you discovered the treasures that await inside Loveland Public Library’s iCreate Lab? The second floor of the library is home to a small room with an abundance of technology and tools.

The iCreate Lab contains two Mac computers both of which are equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite, Garageband, 3D printing software, and more. The devices include a 2D Digital Replicator, Lulzbot Mini 3D printer, flatbed scanner, and large format printer.

iCreate Equipment

The 2D Digital Replicator allows you to take pictures of flat art work such as paintings or drawings to create a digital image. It has a Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera on a stand that is adjustable both horizontally and vertically. We added this tool to the iCreate Lab because it can digitize art that is too large to fit onto a traditional flat-bed scanner. Best of all, the 2D Digital Replicator is a free service, and we have staff that will train you to use it!

The library also offers high-quality prints using our large format printer, which prints up to 44 inches wide. Patrons may purchase prints at an extreme discount compared to the fees charged by commercial printing services. Pricing is $5.00 per linear foot.

These are just a few of the resources available in the iCreate Lab. Anyone with a Colorado driver’s license or identification card is welcome to obtain a free library card, which is all you need to use these services. If you’ve not yet obtained a Colorado ID, you may bring in proof of residency, such as a utility bill and your current identification.

To get started, we recommend setting up an appointment. During the appointment, one of our staff members will be available to provide an orientation and answer any questions. Please call (970) 962-2599 or email for more information or to schedule an appointment.





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