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Primary jobs.

Economic developers, cities and citizens agree that building long-term, well paying, secure and rewarding jobs is their goal. Each community, with its own magic recipe for encouraging authentic growth, enhances the future, ensures its young citizens have opportunity and makes that community attractive to new businesses, new citizens and greater prosperity.

It was the foundries that brought artists from all over the world to Loveland, seeking easy access to the means of producing their small and massive works of art.

A new revolution in opportunity has been quietly taking place with the introduction of advanced manufacturing to Loveland, exemplified by the recent installation of the first HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers in Colorado at Avid Product Development, located in downtown Loveland.

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer

This advanced 3D printing technology, a massive leap in size, capability and speed compared to existing machines, may also help Loveland attract high-tech manufacturers, new product development, invention and innovation.

A big deal? Most certainly. Ready access to Avid’s design expertise, prototype and small-run manufacturing with their new 3D equipment could be a game changer for growing companies. By using this equipment, inventors can prototype, test and prove their ideas out in a supportive, affordable environment. Low-volume manufacturers can efficiently produce their products. Design changes are affordable and easy to manage. Quality control can also be managed effectively.

This revolution in technology is paired with the proven design and production team put together by Doug Collins at Avid. Their engineering is cutting edge and so is their company culture. Company meetings take place during mountain bike rides, and all-nighters are sometimes what it takes to get the product out on the customer’s schedule.

Encouraging innovation may seem like an esoteric pursuit when practiced by city leadership and economic development staff, but when put into practical engineering and manufacturing expertise, it takes Loveland to a whole new level. Coupled with new developments at the local business accelerator, the Warehouse, it could very well signal a new era in Loveland’s smart growth, 21st century relevance, and bright economic future

Daren Warnick

The recent Open House at Avid on October 4 showcased the new equipment and created a great deal of enthusiasm in the local maker community. More than 100 participants saw live demos, amazing examples of made products and got a chance to imagine what could possibly be next.




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